Aggressive And Skilled Legal Advocacy.


An outstanding lawyer to consider when you are finding yourself in a malpractice situation would be Michael Gatto.

From the very beginning Michael was caring, compassionate, listening to our case. I felt immediately that here was a person who had all these characteristics, but he was also fully knowledgeable about the medical as well as legal facets involved. He has a wealth of information from actual history of walking it out with many others like us who have had to endure the pain and suffering of watching your loved ones hurt and then the realization that our lives are now so out of control. Unless someone like an expert lawyer, like Michael, crosses your path, your life will remain in ruins. Michael walked us through those hard months with a team of people just like him. He had medical, legal assistants, structured settlement lawyers that will continue to reach out to us as needed long after the case is settled. And, by the way, Michael was able to settle our case within a year in the midst of this pandemic. Please consider Michael Gatto as you search for the lawyer that will do what it takes to meet your legal needs. My opinion, you will not be disappointed.

Daniel and Mya

“My life changed in an instant that I don’t still remember. While riding my Harley to meet some friends I found myself waking up in the hospital, apparently I was hit by a car that had run a red light. For the next month confusion as to how to deal with multiple fractures, a traumatic brain injury and all the bills and stress that followed was absolutely overwhelming on every level. The medical bills began to arrive and increased the stress and any ability I had to focus on healing. After researching and asking for help I was referred to Mike Gatto. With the first phone call it was apparent that he completely understood the situation I found myself in and removed the fear I had as to what to do next. For the next two years he guided me through a process I would have had no idea how to navigate and the final outcome both physically and financially was better than I could have ever dreamed. Mike is a personal friend now and I thank God for him daily.”

Matt S.

“I would like to thank Michael Gatto and his team for their hard work and perseverance. I was going through a challenging time after my automobile accident. Michael stepped in and assured me that he would go up to bat against the insurance company to ensure my legal and financial rights would be taken care of. The personal and caring touch he showed will never be forgotten and I consider him a friend. Even after the fact he still finds the time to ask about my welfare.”

Zohaib A.