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This Giant Beast That Is the Global Economy

Season One, Episode Six; The Death Episode

Maximizing Restitution Orders: How Cooperation Between Prosecutors and Civil Litigators Can Benefit All

After recently receiving a Restitution Order awarding his clients nearly $2,000,000.00, Carol Rose, a Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney, suggested Michael Gatto write an article to teach prosecutors how to get such recoveries. Michael is a former prosecutor in Pima County, Tucson Arizona. Michael has handled Restitution hearings both as a prosecutor and private attorney. Michael now specializes in representation of severely injured clients and wrongful death claimants. Michael published the article in The California District Attorney’s Association Prosecutor’s Brief Spring 2017. View Article

Michael E. Gatto invited by the Orange County District Attorney’s office to provide a training on criminal restitution

Michael E. Gatto, Esq., has been invited by the Orange County District Attorney’s office to provide a training on criminal restitution. Michael has conducted restitution hearings both as a prosecutor and as a private attorney representing crime victims. Michael will discuss unique issues arising in restitution cases involving future earnings loss, future medical care treatment needs; attendant care; and, loss of household services.

$12.1 million awarded to brain damaged East Bay boy – but he hasn’t seen a cent

September 3, 2017 | Gary Peterson

In September 2014, after over five years of litigation, Brian C. received a $12.2 Million Verdict against Contra Costa County (insured by AIG). Although the primary physician, Maria Teresa Madrigal, M.D., altered the medical records and lied about it, The County denied responsibility for Brian’s injuries throughout trial. On appeal, The County, though AIG, admitted responsibility for Brian’s injuries and that they owe him over $2.3 Million for Lost Earnings Capacity, past medical care costs and general damages. The Appellate Court ordered a New Trial on the limited issue of the reasonable value of future medical and attendant care costs Brian is entitled to receive. AIG continues to seek to force Brian’s family to accept an inadequate settlement that will not fully compensate him by delaying the matter. View Article