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The Right Attorney For Your Case Against Kaiser Permanente

Last updated on June 12, 2023

For over 24 years, attorney Michael E. Gatto has handled birth injury claims, wrongful death cases and everything in between. He has successfully pursued cases against individual doctors, hospitals and even entire health systems  such as Kaiser Permanente HMO. If you or a loved one suffers because of substandard medical care, the Law Office of Michael E. Gatto PC is here for you.

An Experienced And Aggressive Approach

Medical malpractice cases, especially against health systems, are highly complex. Michael E. Gatto tackles these cases head on, showing that the doctor delivered a standard of care below what other medical professionals would have delivered under the same circumstances. The Law Office of Michael E. Gatto PC extensively researches medical practice cases, using our in-depth knowledge of medicine and coordinating with medical professionals who can serve as expert witnesses.

Michael knows ways to defeat Kaiser’s claimed right to Arbitrate disputes. When advantageous to the client and the facts permit, Michael will file an action in Superior Court and seek to have a Jury decide Kaiser’s fate.

A Unique Understanding Of Medical Cases

Many attorneys lack the skills and resources to take on difficult cases, but Michael has been doing so for decades. Early in his career, he defended doctors and hospitals against medical malpractice claims, which gave him insight into how opposing counsel constructs a defense strategy. He now puts this knowledge to use to better serve his own clients – injured patients and their families.

The Law Office of Michael E. Gatto PC Is Here To Help

Michael is licensed in California and Arizona.  He accepts cases throughout these states and nationwide. If you or a loved one is a victim of medical malpractice or a birth injury which occurred at Kaiser or any other health system, we can help. Pursue compensation for your pain, suffering and disability. Give us a call at 925-587-9949 or contact us online.